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Root Canal Treatment in Mt Lawley

Root canal treatment

Today’s root canals are nothing to fear!

If you’re experiencing pain, you may require a root canal to thoroughly address your problems. A root canal may be needed when there is undetected decay, which eats its way into the nerve. The nerve then becomes inflamed or infected. The only effective solution to fix this issue is with a root canal, which we do on the spot. If there’s too much inflammation in the nerve, we may have to put you on antibiotics for 24-48 hours before proceeding.

Relieving Your Tooth of Infection

We’ll clean out the infected areas and may need to place a crown on top of the tooth to strengthen the existing structure. Your tooth can be quite fragile, and we want to make sure that you retain full function of your tooth returned to you after treatment.

Extraction may be an alternative option to a root canal. We’ll present all possible solutions to you so that you can select what works best.

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