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Gum Disease Treatment in Mt Lawley

Healthy gums for Mt Lawley

Caring for your gums with healthy home habits lowers the risk of gum disease.

Did you know that you could have gum disease and not feel any pain? You may not even know that this infection exists until it gets to a later stage. It’s important that you visit Beaufort Street Dental Centre for regular checkups every six months to make sure this disease doesn’t affect your health.

Regular Checkups to Improve Gum Health

At your checkups, we’ll probe the gums. If any problems are detected, we’ll inform you and give you various options for treatment. More severe cases will require a referral to a specialist. If your case is mild, we’ll monitor it, advising you on how to control it. We’ll also do a deep scaling while you’re in the chair.

Find out how we can improve your oral health by contacting us today! Free and convenient parking is located on-site.


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